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Syria & Google, The Forbidden Relationship


Being a Syrian with dreams and passions can be dangerous.

It causes depression when you realize all the added obstacles to your already challenging life. It can also put you in complicated situations that you can’t simply explain, but one thing for sure is that when you get to fulfill a dream, it is definitely worth it.

I had a “crush” on Google (who hadn’t?) when they started shining. As a Software Engineer that understands what it is like to provide a clean and to the point service and as a consumer who benefits from it, I always admired their way of thinking. I feel proud that I am from the generation who got to witness Google’s evolvement in the Tech industry. From a brilliant search box to an email server that amazingly filters spam that Microsoft couldn’t back then (I am not sure if they still couldn’t as I switched since then to Gmail and never looked back!) to more and more products till recently a smart home device; Google Home. I even owe it to Google Talk (before it was called hangouts) for the thousands of messages between me and my -now- husband when everyone else was using Hotmail Messenger and Yahoo Chat. I remember their withdrawn products as well. Google buzz? Google Wave? These were products that didn’t make it but Google always managed to gracefully announce their failure, learn from it and think of something else to improve. They will not try to cover it and build on top of a failed product, and I appreciated that.

I always dreamed of working with Google in any way, get to interact with their experts or even try their products. There was always one thing that made my relation with Google difficult; The United States Sanctions Laws. Read the rest of this entry