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My Nine Years Old Dream


National University of Ireland, Galway

For 9 years, I had a dream.

I wanted to travel to Europe and continue my academic studies. Some people think it is a straightforward dream but it wasn’t for me. At first, I wasn’t allowed to travel as a single female, a young naive one that might get lost, corrupted, badly influenced or seduced by the western societies. Silly as it sounds, I couldn’t change a whole society’s mentality. I couldn’t convince my mum who was the first female in her family to attend college after fighting traditions that says girls shouldn’t be further educated and instead should be “married”. I couldn’t convince my dad who supported my decision in studying Engineering, a not-female-friendly domain that according to society will stand in my way of .. again, getting married. They were both under the society spell and it was a nonnegotiable matter for them. But I never stopped dreaming. I never stopped searching for a way to accomplish this. If anything, this made me want to do it even more.

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What is it like to talk about Syria?


“Soft gates, hard paper” by Prof. Henk Van Houtum 

When I left Syria during the harsh winter of 2012, I packed all my memories in two big bags and left what I couldn’t carry due to flights’ restrictions on luggage weight. I used to think a lot about the leftovers; my fluffy cat, my tidy books, my grandmother, and my piano, but after things got worse, I didn’t have the luxury to think about all that. I was just concentrating on surviving, so I blocked all the memories coming from Syria. My mind and heart simply suffered from an overload and I had to clear out some space for new ones, or that is what I thought. Read the rest of this entry

How Racist Could The Irish Be?


I love Galway.
Well, beside the weather. Everything here looks just perfect. It has an unexplained vibe, a nice mix between interesting history and bright future, a lot of stuff and events going on around, not too big to be lost in and not too small to get bored and above all it has the nicest people in the world. I think that was the first thing that I realised when I moved to this city. How friendly everyone is. I think it is infectious. It spreads in the air. You have to be nice to be able to live in this city. People make you a nice person by their acts of kindness, even if you weren’t one. At least that was what I thought. Read the rest of this entry

The Oracle


“Sorry you can’t take the exam because you are Syrian”.

I still remember the day the employee working in the exam centre told me this.
Never able to forget it. Never able to believe it.

Due to US embargo against Syria. Oracle (a computer technology cooperation) decided to prohibit Syrians (among other few nationalities) to take all of Oracle certifications. Read the rest of this entry

A Happy New Year


The calendar changed announcing the end of 2013 years while I was crossing the airport of Istanbul looking for gate number 203.The adrenaline rush kept me awake all night for my long trip from Egypt to Dublin with extra nine hours transit in Istanbul.

I spent the hours walking around, watching passengers everywhere, searching in their faces for a reason behind their journey. Some of them looked so relaxed as if starting a leisure trip. Some of them were maybe meeting with families and friends. Some men in suits passed by, which I assumed they were on a business trip. A couple didn’t stop kissing and hugging the whole time, they were apparently on their honeymoon trip. I sat on one of the metal seats facing the big window where all the planes stood out. I threw my head back and wondered if anyone here was travelling for the same reason as mine; For freedom, for safety, for survival.

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