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What is it like to talk about Syria?


“Soft gates, hard paper” by Prof. Henk Van Houtum 

When I left Syria during the harsh winter of 2012, I packed all my memories in two big bags and left what I couldn’t carry due to flights’ restrictions on luggage weight. I used to think a lot about the leftovers; my fluffy cat, my tidy books, my grandmother, and my piano, but after things got worse, I didn’t have the luxury to think about all that. I was just concentrating on surviving, so I blocked all the memories coming from Syria. My mind and heart simply suffered from an overload and I had to clear out some space for new ones, or that is what I thought. Read the rest of this entry

“Go Home” The Refugee Crisis from a Syrian / EU perspective


Italian navy rescue asylum seekers

“Go Home”

This phrase was left as a comment on a refugee’s picture in a piece of news on social media. This comment was not the only one. It was among other hateful comments asking refugees crossing EU illegally to go back from where they came from. Why? I will tell you the story. Read the rest of this entry